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leaving in the very hot fire door on that day strange Mu.In the cognition of the owner, the Mu is strange probably dead, but come from anticipating of owner, the Mu is strange unexpectedly still on the hoof.Is even to lie over there, the Mu is strange to looking at to sit on a side to hard strip from the Yan Xi of the Chan Chu egg outer shell, sees, the Yan Xi is distressed a lot of, however a pair of eyes are still so pure and profound.Seemed to feel Mu strange vision, the title of Yan Xi stared strange one eye of Mu, will shell good egg of Chan Chu sends to a strange mouth of Mu side way:"Eat quickly"The Mu of one face wry smile is strange to have to open a mouth, imitating the Buddha is to eat poison general of eat the egg of Chan Chu, also no wonder that the Mu is strange will thus, the egg of Chan Chu for innumerable of practice moral teachings of person come to say to absolutely is a sky, material ground treasure, baby beat to turn around to also want to battle out, the Mu is strange similar to like to eat, but if make you eat more than tens for a day, even if is again the baby is thing will also get fed up with.Ever since the Mu is strange to wake up, know the Mu is strange to unexpectedly is a burnable soul to just urge an absolute being area for price, the Yan Xi is continuously to make the Mu strange to eat the egg of Chan Chu.Is very not easy to swallow the egg of Chan Chu, the Mu is strange to struggle and sit to start, the favour of Yan Xi comes forward a help, the place sub- subtle fragrance of immediately a mentally refreshing rushes toward noodles since then, Mu strange one infatuating with of face, the Yan Xi seeing is very anxious to strange slap is to the Mu.Hate whitely Mu strange one eye, the way of Yan Xi:"The wound is why so heavy, don,t rest and recuperate well, and then sit"The Mu strange Hey Hey says with smile:"You make me lie here so long, lie down again, I feel that I can,t move quickly"Eyes a red, the way of Yan Xi:"You also say that who let you so try very hard to of, if isn,t …… if isn,t big your life words ……"The Mu is strange to see form favour of way:"I once said several times, that the circumstance don,t try very hard to not to go, you see, I this isn,t the big blessing life big, again rest and recuperate for a while, affirm to

Obviously was someone to once tidy up

month past, the Mu is strange and the Yan Xi is thoroughly famous, could say the person of practicing moral teachings of world to don,t don,t know 2 people is name of, a whereabouts that went crazy to generally look for 2 people, but 2 people are generally like drop of waters to integrate into ocean, there is no the news in 1:00.This is a neglected ancient way, the withered grass connects a sky, it is clear now, the dust covers with, thunder-storm, mire difficult line, ancient way be abandonned, more than ten years already few someones run about.The distance is Gao Gao is Tashan, in that thou way side up, imitate a Buddha will be still stubbornly stood erect over there to the courier station blewing down by the breeze at any time.The door plank that every where leaks air is seeming to be by hand and lightly will break to fold on touching, a burst of slight the words voice at this time spread from that dilapidated courier station.Pour in the courier station is have no so miscellaneous disorderly, obviously was someone to once tidy up, see a few wooden boards gather together of bed up lie a person, the together graceful and restrained figure sits upright in the bedside to talk quietly what.If someone sees these 2 people affirmation will get a shock, these 2 people impressively there is still from the Yan Xi for

The whole square quietness of

doesn,t have autumn that a silk takes precautions against to work properly Yin to now wither.Fall to bump to run to the Mu strangely and nearby, hanging the fan of full drop of tear to receive eyes to looking at lying of facial expression pallor the Mu over there is strange, the Yan Xi cannot helps but any further, and the radiant drop of tear drop falls and shivers hands to be strange to start to embrace the Mu.In the public vision, the corner of mouth of Yan Xi hangs a thrombus, the face boudoir drips drop of tear, the whole individual just embraces not to know is living is that the dead Mu is strange to without telling anyone once wear square but go.Although who all know this time who can block Yan Xi and then can get hold of Liu gold Chien smoothly, but it happened that so many people, only the autumn work properly Yin one person didn,t be poisoned, however for all that, many people still inwardly don,t already rejoice and fix for than the autumn work properly Yin highly also so ten many individuals, although say to fix for not at, that knowledge and eyesight still just of, however who didn,t also see a Mu strange to actually use what way work properly Yin for a living autumn to put across to do corpse similar.*************88Today midnight repay everyone, have a ticket of must hit, the last week hurtled a placard, confiscate hide of want to collect!A spool of chapter 52 is full of tender affection(beg to collect, recommend)Although who all know this time who can block Yan Xi and then can get hold of Liu gold Chien smoothly, but it happened that so many people, only the autumn work properly Yin one person didn,t be poisoned, however for all that, many people still inwardly don,t already rejoice and fix for than the autumn work properly Yin highly also so ten many individuals, although say to fix for not at, that knowledge and eyesight still just of, however who didn,t also see a Mu strange to actually use what way work properly Yin for a living autumn to put across to do corpse similar.The whole square quietness of, the whole very hot fire top and bottom sufficient identity in door gets into here all here, while those fix for the not enough pupil to then go around and inspect gate to a monastery, the Leng is no one and discovers huge mishap is in the square.Half

Until Yan Xi just responds to come over at this time

no a voice interest.The thus uncanny affair let to lose to fix for of public see devil generally see strange toward the Mu that keeps a straight station over there.A burst of breeze once blows, straight station the Mu over there Be strange to bomb however fall on the ground, until Yan Xi just responds to come over at this time, the other people don,t know reasons in it, but Yan Xi ambiguously can guess, just now that regiment moment Shan is red only should be a strange Mu absolute being area.Original Mu is being strange basically can not use an absolute being area, obviously is that he pays a huge price to just urge an absolute being area, the result

Originally still control the whole autumns to work properly Yin have already become the dry corpse of an utter darkness to from a distance throw to fall on the ground at this time

ground.The Mu strange corner of mouth hangs a blood, the wry smile of one face, difficulties of climb from the ground, the whole individual shook the facing autumn swaying to work properly Yin to face up.Is public strange to Mu this kind of obviously seeks dead action to feel unimaginable, after all the Mu is strange this is clear be seek dead.The Yan Xi can not help hurtling Mu strange shout a way:"The Mu is strange, come back, you come back quickly, at most we don,t want that Liu gold Chien"Listenned to the words of Yan Xi, the Mu was strange to slowly become overdo, facial expression pallor of once the mouth smile and Be throwing up blood and smiling a way:"Stop worrying, I can,t make her hurt yours"The body of Yan Xi tiny tiny one Zhan, one eyes son is a bit vacant, the ear seems the response have been wearing Mu strange words.The autumn works properly Yin to looking at to shake to sway strange despise of the Mu that comes over here toward oneself of way:"Really can not tell, your pouring is a spoony seed, however you trust, I will help you this to mandarin duck of"Who can listen to work properly Yin is that words for an autumn in the dark intention to murder, obviously autumn is working properly Yin don,t basically and impossibly pass 2 people.When the Mu strange distance autumn works properly Yin about the distance of one meter, the whole individual has already shaken to sway, imitates a burst of breeze of Buddha and then cans blew down he generally, and the autumn work properly Yin to also slowly stretch out hand facing Mu the strange head clap past, can imagine, if clapping is medium, the Mu is strange will have what kind of end."Die!""Die!"2 people unexpectedly make a noise at the same time, sees a together malicious color of the flash across in the Mu is strange eye and spew out the blood of big in, together red light from Mu strange body top jet, good a red day.The autumn works properly Yin to send out a scream at the same time, the whole individual be like drive one regiment fire to roast familiar general, in the public incredible vision, originally still control the whole autumns to work properly Yin have already become the dry corpse of an utter darkness to from a distance throw to fall on the ground at this time, have muscular spasms several bottoms and then have

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This a focus problem that becomes paying attention to inside the industry

(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
If building price Tiffany Key Ring in Peking rises again, the government probably adds code to adjust to control.This is December 14, Peking City lives to set up a relevant publicly declaring of the personage of Wei.In November, similar to whole country quantity price in building City, Peking together rise, and together is higher than national average tiffany canada level than the rise 1.5 percentage points and attains 9.1%.Occupy a pass to report, Peking City lived to set up Wei news a spokesman Tiffany Bracelet to say, the government adjusted the decision of controling Tiffany Necklace the real estate market in no case falter, if the building price appears to a little bit greatly undulate, finance, letter loan, revenue from tax etc. adjust to control means will probably"add code".
Continue to heat in the November building City of adjust to control for the third time under the background whether will arrive?This a focus problem that becomes paying attention to inside the industry.

Quick track railroad train in the airport are 1 for 10 minutes

"The nobody Tiffany and Co tells us to still need to wait how long and also has no staff member to explain."Ms. Du Tiffany Ring Tiffany Earring says that a few passengers because of worry mistake machine and emotion concussion, someone makes a phone call to change a label ticket and become nervous of passenger the station then changes to other pileup.Yesterday Tiffany Cuff Link morning around 9:45, a railroad train finally drives into a website, about 100 passengers who be detained before or after push to get on the car.Is many at 10:00, the passenger arrives to an airport, many people start to carry baggage to dash away.
The subway service hot-line said that early belong to a high peak time at 9:00, quick track railroad train in the airport are 1 for 10 minutes.The subway company means that appear breakdown at the time because of vehicle, retreat a positive line luck camp, the east keeps tiffany UK a door to stop a luck to line short time in the airport, the new car carries camp instauration after taking over normal.

The passenger is immediately pleased to get off

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The quick track stops to carry a passenger to be detained
This report Xun(reporter company tiffany UK west) yesterday morning, a quick track railroad train in airport goes into 3 dollars bridge station, tiffany canada because of break down stop a luck, withdraw Tiffany and Co the positive line luck camp, about 100 passengers are detained a website for about 40 minutes.
Passenger, Ms. Du, says that yesterday morning 9:10, she arrives at a quick track of airport 3 dollars bridge station to prepare to go to an airport and see several people just wait a car in the website.At that time, the station is big screen suggested, the next railroad train would just arrive 5 minutes later and"can Tiffany Ring have been waiting until and just Tiffany Ring come to car at 9:30".The passenger just fell after getting on the car, the broadcasting ringing out said, railroad train because the breakdown could not carry a camp.The passenger is immediately pleased to get off, the railroad train follows original road to return.

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The control room big door just and tightly closes at this time

develop of, here collected the talented person of the whole world, regardless is a military to learn a house, biologist and chemistry to learn a house …….As long as is the person who there is artistic talent, all been main to make in this island by the house."It is coming out with Sung bamboo voice after 20 minutes.Cold Ao 3 people finally before getting to the mansion of control centre, the always a good talker Sung bamboo voice saw after this mansion, opened right away his words box son, do to have a big wave big wave never-failing lecture.The cold Ao also listens to Sung bamboo voice very hard of introduction, this all the way, Sung bamboo voice is for cold Ao to have a guide, the pair of of the Xu Xu Dao Dao is whole cold Iceland of mostly introduced for cold Ao some kind of.Listen to the words of finishing Sung bamboo voice, the cold Ao more or less also has understand to the cold Iceland and looking at the control centre of in front, the cold Ao turns head to ask a way:"Now in Tiffany and Co this island of defend a personnel is how much?The person who has real strenght don,t tell me and be all maintained defense system by high technology here."Listen to the words of finishing the cold Ao, ordering of Sung bamboo voice affirmation nods, immediately after a face innocently says:"The big body on the island is BE maintained by protection wall, as for defend a personnel, totally only five people.1 is me, the another is that the farmland is good strange, sometime Guo Hai clearly also here.But he has already returned to S City now, the remaining 2 are to follow behind a main several years of personal bodyguard, they twos are always foolish in the laboratory, in order to prevent the scientist reveals the secret here.""!Seeing to the old daddy is that the much more terrifying is miscellaneous, so the bodyguard who just sends this several loyals stays here."Cold Ao is in mind dark way.From talked a words, the cold Ao turned head a good strange talk way to Sung bamboo voice and farmland:"Let is go in!I want to return to S City very much now, because of there still having do a lot of affairs wait I to do!"If Sung bamboo voice and farmland is good strange to finish listenning to cold Ao and follow behind the mansion of cold Ao alignment control room right away.The control room big door just and tightly closes at this time, about five meters in height of front door, occupied the half of the whole several-storied building area.Sung

Sung bamboo voice and farmland were good strange don

heaven is will."Cold Ao although being made by 2 people is words is a bit confused,he is still that the ability Tiffany Co ambiguously feel the rights of the case from their conversations.Dark way:"Was their 2 people very early an old daddy past to cover up the next foreshadowing for himself?"Sung bamboo voice and farmland good strange one stood at this time, 2 people were full of the blue sky of seeing of deep idea one eye afar, and immediately after the farmland is good strange to lightly say:"Little lord, since today, we brothers 2 people will whole heartedly of heel at your body side, regardless last knife mountain be still under fire sea, our brothers two can,t have any hesitant."The words listenned to him, the cold Ao also stood from the seat and stretched out own right hand, in the heart of happy hard coveringly say:"After, I will definitely take you kill an one to belong to their my own worlds, I can,t make you disappoint as well as let my father is disappointment."Finish saying the cold Ao lowers the head from talked 1:"Father!Thank Tiffany Co you as the all these that I do, I can,t be ungrateful to yours."The right hand that sees cold Ao stretches out, Sung bamboo voice and farmland were good strange don,t also hesitate, the direct handle knob presses on the back of the hand of cold Ao.Immediately after spread particularly open laughter from 3 people is.Sung bamboo voice!The name of a shocked whole mafia after several years, he with borrow a to chase soft sword and uncanny arrive the speed of top, let numerous people all pour under his sword.The person being killed by him almost counts extremely number, afterwards he drive hat ascend a loud and clear nickname- Azrael.But his companion farmland is good strange, its influence can say match equally with him.Way from his from that day, he whole life once hurt once, whether the opponent is how strong or not, his ability knocks down the other party at own of stick under, therefore he equally gets a nickname-fight absolute being.Does overbearing ages chapter 22 betray?"Little lord, you see anterior of the mansion is a control centre, the whole defense systems of islands are all controled by the expert in the control centre, even little definite view arrive of the monster also from inside of the scientist

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And I wish every child happy healthy holiday

Certification Sixtythird chapter adventure Association Eggs do the sixtyfourth chapter unlucky A record sixtyfifth chapter of light division Sixtysixth chapter Lei Ting instructors Sixtyseventh chapter house Sixtyeighth chapter of Convergence Breath Sixtyninth chapter shield Chapter ghost in the name of seventy Articles of Chapter Snake eyes refining Seventysecond hero Valley Chapter Seventythird share of Chapter Association Seventyfourth chapter by Avatamsaka Medical Lonely, depressed and seventyfifth chapter Seventysixth chapter filled with ghost Seventyseventh chapter war ,Dire, A seventyeighth chapter of Stars Light Seventyninth chapter suspicious Eightyhero Valley Chapter Eightyfirst chapter Venerable early struggle Tiffany Jewellery Girls living together eightysecond chapter Eightythird chapter ,veins of blood,,, Eightyfourth chapter fluctuations Eightyfifth chapter Antique Market Physical properties of the eightysix chapters Eightyseventh chapter of lung pubic region Eightyeighth chapter of light a clan Eightyninth chapter spiral vortex Chapter Ninety palm spin ice Five ninetyfirst chapter five organs Ninetysecond to win a Meimei Zhang Ninetythird Chapter Five small pubic region Ninetyfourth Chapter small scale edge Chapter kill ninetyfifth Ninetysixth chapter source can practice Ninetyseventh chapter of weapons systems Ninetyeighth chapter three in a row Ninetyninth home provocative chapter Related works free of charge by the waves introduce a method of currency.Welcome Annual Conference, play games, send money by the waves, just put the gold into the country game, create a personal matter, and then withdraw, to be in the Annual Meeting, users activity, points to receive a red envelope ( can receive a bonus by waves two hundred dollars. Readers are welcome to use the money leading to subscribe to the bookbywave, or the support of my annual PK. Thank you. Body was added to our reflectionsTo shelves, and looks like a lot to talk about, but the hand on the keyboard seems to write what Shiyou, really hard for you, but there is certainly want to say a few words. Star only to the shelves, and would like to thank Xieshu You click, collection, recommend and continuous message of support, the support of their book to come today.Seems as if the other can not tell if Ling, Ling more than fulltime writers, there are those great big gap, but it will continue to work hard to only write great number of stars, while hundreds of thousands of words broke out today will be around shelves . VIP section twelve official upload, hope you like this book more friends, as always, support Ling, thank you. I wish the whole world the body of children is isix a, healthy and happySixtyone to go to, and I wish every child happy healthy holiday, I wish our family Fantasy baby healthy and happy every day. Body Zhu Zhongqiu, National double happinessMidAutumn Festival to the monthly child round, Zhushu You have the heart circle, round thing, love round, round and round the festival. Volume force shortage Star Chapter Four StarSouth Ho South Tiffany Key Ring Junior College City Star Star evaluation of weapons grade hall, "aweinspiring, in front of two tests are passed, the last is the hardest adopted, we must strive towards this force through the four stars, you can enter Intermediateorder learning about the stars Gong Wu, so you can practice the internal energy, your body might be relatively large physical improvement ", a fifteenyearold Nongmeidayan red hair, white skin next to the boy a look of excitement on yellow skin, black hair and black eyes companion said.Wu Xing Gong is the primary level 1,2,3, and to basic exercises, through a set of boxing, agility and footwork to fitness, fitness to improve all aspects of physical function, to be able to lay the foundation for the practice.4,5,6 is the intermediate level exercises, the

Maximum More Medium Smaller Minimum Work related presentationsA free currencybywave method

By wave Home|Adding shelves|Recommended votes cast|Open Tiffany Key Ring shelves|Back page|Back to titlesStar ActsOf:Yue LingFont: Maximum More Medium Smaller Minimum Work related presentationsA free currencybywave method. TextAdded reflections I wish the whole world of children isix a, healthy fast Tiffany Key Ring Zhu Zhongqiu, National double happiness Volume shortage StarChapter Four Star Wu Chapter pain and pleasure Chapter unexpected calamities Chapter Four Star beast kernel Chapter reactive Chapter VI arrived shortage Star Chapter VII of the free combination Chapter VIII of the optical transmission Chapter IX 三号 mine Chapter X of plant exploration Chapter Guiyi War Fat purple magic of Chapter XII Chapter XIII night vision eyes Chapter XIV Dance clouds to move Chapter XV of the independence war wolf lion Chapter XVI Garnett lion kill Chapter XVII mined the rich Chapter XVIII inquire about the news Chapter XIX points gamble Chapter fighting it Chapter XXI this award Chapter XXII FAQ XXIII crystal Kim Kapanimal variation of the twentyfour chapters Twentyfive chapters, "stone" of the price Possession of twentysix chapters mined "Concubine" Chapter XXVII ethereal incomplete Chapter XXVIII Night Wind Respect for the arrival of the twentynine chapters Star Miss Shana of Chapter XXXI LegSnap Boxing, subhand bar The best players but the thirtysecond chapter Chapter thirtythird gear beast beat crack Mysterious disappearance of the thirtyfourth chapter? Thirtyfifth chapter Dabeitaixi Thirtysixth chapter mysterious Phantom of the Opera Base of the thirtyseventh chapter optical network control Monitoring upgrade the thirtyeighth chapter Tiffany Money Clip Thirtyninth chapter of Mystery Tower The first night of fighting barren Sishi Zhang Chapter forty surprise, save His Holiness the fortysecond chapter Gonzalez Chapter forty hit it off Ch. find crystals Fortyfifth chapter flame holes Lake pulp inflammation fortysixth chapter Fortyseventh chapter it is you Night rush fortyeighth chapter Fortyninth chapter feast for the eyes Chapter Fiftyghost figure Chapter fiftycheck ,the devil, Chapter fifty red vine Fiftythird chapter I take a bath with you Fiftyfourth chapter frog and the Swan The first fiftyfifth chapter Fiftysix chapters two ,light off, Separation of its fiftyseventh chapter to meet Its fiftyeighth chapter alone Fiftyninth chapter red crystal Chapter sixtycrystal India Shortage of sixty star Zhang escape Pallas Star IIChapter nine sixty

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So do not say anything

description of magic Xiao Yu is very interested in shock, there is a scatter seeds which become soldiers of the surgery is to make him one of the most exciting primary spell.The night passed quickly, when the first ray of morning sunlight shines into the room where Xiao Yu surprise when Eagle had arrived there."How? Want to clear?" Eagle straight to the point asked."I agree with your ability to join a group!""Oh? Let you sensible, cost more than originally thought but also some tongue. Since you agree, then you eat this!" Said the Eagle to come from the body of a small box, opened the small box with a red The pills appeared in front of Xiao Yu shock."What is this? Poison?" Xiao Yu shock immediately thought of the movie at this time some of the circumstances. People always pick up some slow poison to coerce others to do something for themselves."This is a thousand times more valuable than poison, since you agree that you have to eat it, you have no choice!" Eagle of the words are cold, cold, scared to Xiao Yu was chilling waves."Well I eat!" Human Daozu I fish, even if the poison is really scared that Xiao Yu no choice.Xiao Yu received the shock that took the red pill and one where it devoured."Mouth!""What? Afraid I do not eat?""Yes! Mouth!"Xiao Yu helpless scared big mouth open, and that Eagle was satisfied, after being examined nodded. At the same time to tie the hands and feet Xiao Yu scared the chain opened."We are going to be colleagues, back to B City headquarters that you can become one of us out!" At this time the tone was softened Eagle more."I want to see my grandma you?" Xiao Yu is most concerned about or scared of his grandmother."Sure, we got her settled in well, has bought her a new house, Shih-han! Take him to see his grandmother!" Eagle is voice soon came in from the outside, wearing a white sportswear a woman, this woman is to eat before Tiffany Jewellery a day to feed their own women."Come with me!" The woman called Shih-han said something light."Yes, I forgot to tell you, you just had a different group that everyone can eat" , "said White this" "is a remote-controlled bomb, a combination of atoms of high technology and biotechnology technology products, a lifetime will be something in our bodies. organization betrayal if you have found that organizations will not polite to detonate in your body, "". "Xiao Yu is shocked to hear just out of the Eagle in the back door and said to him words, such a result he had expected, so do not say anything, with the culvert Tiffany Jewellery behind the pace of the poem but it has not stopped. I have to leave the body of Chapter XIIXiao Yu scared to go along with Shih-han on

" Eagle said

vreemde glimlach."Who are you? Your little brother is definitely not fat!""I said, if you die I will tell you! I was NSA ability group, I called the Eagle!""National Security? Ability groups? What do you find me?" Xiao Yu is face filled with surprise questions."Rumors have you Tiffany Money Clip down here pulling Chuiyangliu, strength and speed are to an incredible degree, so the organization sent me on the investigation, if that is true put you receive into our ability group. But that did not have to see you there This ability! "Eagle said his hands a back light."That is how you and the fat together?" This is Xiao Yu has been no surprise to understand."It is simple, and fat people is our government!""Do you mean to take my income into your ability groups?" Xiao Yu straight to the point asked, shocked."Yes!""If I do not agree it?""You promised!" Eagle said, very confident."Why?" Xiao Yu,d surprise his confidence is not understood."First, the ability to join our group will do you no harm, but your monthly salary is quite impressive! Second, if you do not join, the government will not let you exist in this world! Third, you have Grandma! "Shaw a surprise to hear his grandmother no longer contain themselves Nu Sheng Yu shouted: "My grandmother how you like it? I,m warning you! You dare hurt her I will not let you!""Do not worry! She has been placed us well, she already knows you work for the government now, she is proud of you too!""Are you threatening me!" Xiao Yu shock Eagle finally listen to understand the meaning of discourse."You could say! Give you time to consider a day! And I want to tell you that you this ability is not what our group, so the more you a little less you a lot! You want to know!" Eagle finished they went away without looking back, leaving one person Xiao Yu scared bed blankly.Yu Xiao surprise since the Eagle has been left blankly looking at the ceiling, the emergence of a variety of ideas constantly in his mind.Think of actually really funny, originally thought he was invincible in the human world, but was down a like fate. All the blame yourself too naive people do not see the hidden power of the sector. Now you can see from the Eagle would have the ability in this world there are many people who actually. Everything seems to question the strength, if he is strong enough, it will be tied to how here. But now, no matter their own lives or the lives of her grandmother are in the hands of others, it promised them into ability groups is the only choice.Xiao Yu surprise since decided to start Cultivation, so he began to try to read it in its own Ministry of Euro RSCG, "Sin repair secret code." The brain does not know why their "fairy repair secret code" only one page front to look after, and now only open three pages themselves. The first page is the basic introduction, before the shock Xiao Yu had already seen it. The second page is recorded in the qi of the practice exercises, and the third page is the number of five elements Xianshu. After the fourth page I am afraid they have sufficient capacity to be looked after.Cultivation of the surgery, the emphasis is on the air for breathing and the world, by the power of heaven and earth and the five elements into your own. Tied to the bed Xiao Yu of course can not be scared of the breathing. So he put the third page of the Five Elements Xianshu study all night. But the magic that allows the enigmatic Xiao Yu a head two big surprise. However, the effect allows the

Maar in een speciale kamer

zijn leven niet wilde, maar ook werd geslagen half dood. Hij was ook niet zeker in zo,n korte afstand, of zijn lichaam om kogels weerstaan.Xiao Yu was een paar mensen weg geschokt op brancards, Qin Ru Chen Yao keek met bange Xiao Yu werd weggenomen, maar kan ook niets doen. Xiao Yu was geschokt maar zeer optimistisch, werd weggenomen toen de twee vrouwen ook zijn glimlach liet zien.Xiao Yu was ook verrast dat het ongeval werd meegenomen naar het politiebureau deed hij niet, maar in een speciale kamer. Deze kamer is klein, slechts een raam, een bed, maar de muren zijn wit. Shaw was, ongeacht genomen wanneer hun gebouwen zijn gevoel bang maakt niet uit, maar hij is het meest bezorgd over op dit moment oma, oma, niet naar huis gaan als de tijd zal worden in een haast.Xiao Yu werd hier gebracht na de schok nog nooit gezien dat een aantal politiemensen, maar er is een vreemde vrouw, en elke dag de maaltijd om hun eigen dressing op de drug te leveren. Maar zijn handen en voeten waren vastgebonden op het bed. En bond de ketens Xiao Yu bang weet niet welk materiaal, alle kracht die hij niet kan openbreken. Maar Xiao Yu shock zijn Namingnvzi geef hem een maaltijd van. Alleen de vrouwen, maar nooit met Xiao Yu bang om te spreken, ongeacht hoe Xiao Yu vroeg haar verbazing, ze had geen woord te zeggen.Tijdens de dagen van rust, Xiao Yu is verwondingen schok geleidelijk aan beter. Dat wil zeggen, deze dagen, zodat hij zou graag een heleboel dingen weten. Met hun huidige sterkte, de ontwikkeling van de krachten in de menselijke wereld is niet mogelijk op deze manier, en het lijkt hun eerste prioriteit is om hun eigen kracht, te versterken dat is, in overeenstemming met hun eigen Smart "fee reparatie geheime code," de inhoud van de bovenstaande records praktijk.Hoewel de nieuwe Yu-Xiao bang om hun eigen routes te bepalen, maar op dit moment dat hij verbaasd was een persoon is verschenen. Deze persoon is degene die de mens kan vliegen. Hij staat op dit moment Shaw keek bang gebouwen vastgebonden aan het bed, bed, bang Xiao Yu. Lichaam van het hoofdstuk XI vermogen groep"Xiao Yu shock, we hebben ontmoet." Vluchten die om de man staande in bed Xiao Yu is verrassing, lachen.Xiao Yu verrassing voor deze persoon direct na de vertoning boos gezicht, kijk, zo niet de handen en voeten gebonden te zien, hij zou hebben met spoed naar zijn harde Liao."Wat Tiffany Necklace doe je met deze blik op mij, moet je geen hekel aan mij, maar moet mij bedanken!" De man enigszins enige trots."Wat bedoel je?""Als ik niet barmhartigheid, kan je hier liggen en ik zal niet spreken!" Deze man, zijn gezicht laten zien een spoor van een

Wij willen u

dan zelf niet zal groot zijn, laat het gesprek haar zus Xiao Yu bang. Xiao Yu, natuurlijk zou dit niet eens in paniek te raken, maar niet eten van bananen in de voorkant van het werkelijk is een pijn."Don,t call!""Noem het! Je kijkt op dit heerlijke bananen ah! ,Je eet niet, dat ik eet!", Zei Chen Yao begon Tiffany Jewelry schil van de banaan huid, en ook bewust vertraagd.Xiao Yu keek banaan verrassing zou eten in de maag door anderen, maar niet eten zelf, dit gevoel is geen gewone pijn. Xiao Yu verrassing speeksel snel stromen, tot het moment in haar uitstroom, heeft Chen Yao het schillen van de banaan gestuurd schok Xiao Yu is mond."Grappig dat je spelen! Eet snel!" Chen Yao ondeugende glimlach echt heel schattig.Op het puntje van de banaan, tiffany canada Xiao Yu opende zijn mond bang, just-in voor felle beet. Dan klopt het eten. Chen Yao keek Xiao Yu bang voor het eten van fase, kan het niet helpen, maar nog meer gelukkig lachen."Je zou gedacht hebben deze gangster ook nutteloos om het te doen! Doe de eerste dag van de schietpartij te worden toegelaten tot het ziekenhuis. Maar er is weinig schoonheid was toegelaten tot het ziekenhuis te voeden bananen te eten, je echt ah gezegend!" De stem Xiao Yu verrassing is bekend, want het is de stem van de meester is Ru Qin, een dag voor de gebouwen zijn in shock voor Xiao Qin Ru lezingen."Qin leraar, ah!" Chen Qin Yao Ru komt om het te zien opstaan om te groeten."Qin leraar!" Xiao Qin Yu Ru schok is nog steeds zeer gerespecteerd, dus het riep."Ik zei, je zal niet goede resultaten hebben in de onderwereld, en ik ben niet verkeerd!" Qin Ru Dat gezegd hebbende, maar zijn gezicht nog steeds bezorgdheid over geuit van de kleuren.Behandeling van paniek Xiao Qin Yu Ru woorden plotselinge weet niet hoe je nu eigenlijk te beantwoorden. Echter, op dit moment, werd de afdeling deur weer geopend. Vier geniformeerde politie zich zonder enige gezichtsuitdrukking van verbazing Xiao Yu ging naar de kant!"Je bent bang Yu Xiao it! Wij willen u!" In die een politieman zei koeltjes."Waarom? Hebt u een arrestatiebevel Tiffany and Co dat?" Zei Qin Ru botte knal."Daar! Het zelf!" Gelet op de proppen komen met een arrestatiebevel.Xiao Yu was gewond omdat verrassing, in combinatie met een bandage rond het lichaam is, zodat men niet kon bewegen in bed, zelfs als hij actief was, hij niet zou weerstaan. Omdat hij zag duidelijk de vier politiemannen hebben geweren rond zijn middel, de kracht van het pistool zag hij afgelopen nacht, en hoewel

Vertelde hij de schok

was een wonder. Als gewone mensen worden getroffen zo veel shots die niet weten hoe vaak sterven !, "Chen Yao zei lachend."U hebt me?" Geschokt Xiao Yu Hoewel gewond op het moment, maar de geest is heel duidelijk."Voor ah! Je viel flauw in de voorkant van mijn huis, vond ik het tijd om wakker te je is morgens te oefenen, dus ik sloeg 120 Het!""Dan dank je! Je hoeft niet naar de klas te gaan op het?""Ik ben een leraar, genaamd Qin te verlaten, en ze weet dat je gewond bent, kunt u mogelijk om je te zien na het werk! Van u weten, de ochtend heb ik je gevonden, meerdere kogels zag in je lichaam , maar ze zijn allemaal scoorde de helft van je lichaam, en de andere helft zijn blootgesteld, je bent slim! "Chen Yao op dit moment enigszins opgewonden, weet niet waarom ze ineens heel bang aanbidding Shaw yu."Ik ben slecht?" Xiao Yu glimlach, vertelde hij de schok. Als eergisteren gezegd dat hij zo was, zou hij nog enige zelfgenoegzaamheid. Maar na de aanslagen gisteravond wist hij dat hij niet onoverwinnelijk is in de menselijke wereld, zo denkt hij zelf onoverwinnelijke volledig gebroken dromen. Het lijkt erop dat hij nog steeds recht op de teelt moeten eerlijk zijn, na alle, zijn lichaam heeft de unieke wereld van "Sin reparatie geheime code." En deze wereld is absoluut geen andere persoon op de teelt is zeker fout, omdat de herinnering aan vorige levens is het meest duidelijk naar de menselijke wereld dat hij de eerste persoon teelt. Afgelopen nacht, de man kan worden de mutatie van de mens, dit is de verrassing Xiao Yu zijn beste verklaring. Hij studeerde biologie, genmutaties, of begrijpen hem, in het geval van mutatie, is echt een variatie van "Superman" is niet onmogelijk."Ik schijn te ruiken de geur van banaan!" Xiao Yu verbazing de smaak van de banaan is zeer gevoelig, zelfs in vol van de geur van het ziekenhuis medicijnen kan hij nog steeds zijn aanwezigheid voelen favoriete banaan."U heeft eens gezegd dat je graag bananen eten, dus je bent bewusteloos toen ik expres ging! Kopen" Chen Yao enigszins enige trots, terwijl Tiffany een banaan van de tafel en pakte de gebouwen in de voorkant van Shaw verrassing swingen."Toen ik je dat verteld?" Xiao Yu een vreemde paniek voelde, niet eens herinneren zei, is zelfs nog onmogelijk om op school te eten omdat er geen geld om te kopen."Elke keer als je me de tijd om het probleem dat u altijd de banaan metafoor uit te leggen, dus ik denk dat je moet willen eten!" Chen Yao was nog trotser op dit moment.Xiao Yu, terwijl stille shock, kan het zijn? Chen Yao, dacht hij, maar ook een zorgvuldige uit. Maar Xiao Yu bang zelfs nu nog wil eten eten niet geworden, omdat zijn handen en voeten werden strak rond het verband niet kan bewegen."Je moet nu worden hebberig! Roept Yaoyao zuster, ik zal je feed!", Zei Chen Yao moest er om lachen, haar glimlach is zo schattig lachen, maar tussen dat hij voelde zich plotseling flauw Chen Yao is glimlach zo vertrouwd, vriendelijk en goed.Chen Yao-lang dit kleine, oud