Thursday, December 23, 2010

Obviously was someone to once tidy up

month past, the Mu is strange and the Yan Xi is thoroughly famous, could say the person of practicing moral teachings of world to don,t don,t know 2 people is name of, a whereabouts that went crazy to generally look for 2 people, but 2 people are generally like drop of waters to integrate into ocean, there is no the news in 1:00.This is a neglected ancient way, the withered grass connects a sky, it is clear now, the dust covers with, thunder-storm, mire difficult line, ancient way be abandonned, more than ten years already few someones run about.The distance is Gao Gao is Tashan, in that thou way side up, imitate a Buddha will be still stubbornly stood erect over there to the courier station blewing down by the breeze at any time.The door plank that every where leaks air is seeming to be by hand and lightly will break to fold on touching, a burst of slight the words voice at this time spread from that dilapidated courier station.Pour in the courier station is have no so miscellaneous disorderly, obviously was someone to once tidy up, see a few wooden boards gather together of bed up lie a person, the together graceful and restrained figure sits upright in the bedside to talk quietly what.If someone sees these 2 people affirmation will get a shock, these 2 people impressively there is still from the Yan Xi for

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