Sunday, December 19, 2010

The passenger is immediately pleased to get off

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The quick track stops to carry a passenger to be detained
This report Xun(reporter company tiffany UK west) yesterday morning, a quick track railroad train in airport goes into 3 dollars bridge station, tiffany canada because of break down stop a luck, withdraw Tiffany and Co the positive line luck camp, about 100 passengers are detained a website for about 40 minutes.
Passenger, Ms. Du, says that yesterday morning 9:10, she arrives at a quick track of airport 3 dollars bridge station to prepare to go to an airport and see several people just wait a car in the website.At that time, the station is big screen suggested, the next railroad train would just arrive 5 minutes later and"can Tiffany Ring have been waiting until and just Tiffany Ring come to car at 9:30".The passenger just fell after getting on the car, the broadcasting ringing out said, railroad train because the breakdown could not carry a camp.The passenger is immediately pleased to get off, the railroad train follows original road to return.

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