Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quick track railroad train in the airport are 1 for 10 minutes

"The nobody Tiffany and Co tells us to still need to wait how long and also has no staff member to explain."Ms. Du Tiffany Ring Tiffany Earring says that a few passengers because of worry mistake machine and emotion concussion, someone makes a phone call to change a label ticket and become nervous of passenger the station then changes to other pileup.Yesterday Tiffany Cuff Link morning around 9:45, a railroad train finally drives into a website, about 100 passengers who be detained before or after push to get on the car.Is many at 10:00, the passenger arrives to an airport, many people start to carry baggage to dash away.
The subway service hot-line said that early belong to a high peak time at 9:00, quick track railroad train in the airport are 1 for 10 minutes.The subway company means that appear breakdown at the time because of vehicle, retreat a positive line luck camp, the east keeps tiffany UK a door to stop a luck to line short time in the airport, the new car carries camp instauration after taking over normal.

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