Thursday, December 23, 2010

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leaving in the very hot fire door on that day strange Mu.In the cognition of the owner, the Mu is strange probably dead, but come from anticipating of owner, the Mu is strange unexpectedly still on the hoof.Is even to lie over there, the Mu is strange to looking at to sit on a side to hard strip from the Yan Xi of the Chan Chu egg outer shell, sees, the Yan Xi is distressed a lot of, however a pair of eyes are still so pure and profound.Seemed to feel Mu strange vision, the title of Yan Xi stared strange one eye of Mu, will shell good egg of Chan Chu sends to a strange mouth of Mu side way:"Eat quickly"The Mu of one face wry smile is strange to have to open a mouth, imitating the Buddha is to eat poison general of eat the egg of Chan Chu, also no wonder that the Mu is strange will thus, the egg of Chan Chu for innumerable of practice moral teachings of person come to say to absolutely is a sky, material ground treasure, baby beat to turn around to also want to battle out, the Mu is strange similar to like to eat, but if make you eat more than tens for a day, even if is again the baby is thing will also get fed up with.Ever since the Mu is strange to wake up, know the Mu is strange to unexpectedly is a burnable soul to just urge an absolute being area for price, the Yan Xi is continuously to make the Mu strange to eat the egg of Chan Chu.Is very not easy to swallow the egg of Chan Chu, the Mu is strange to struggle and sit to start, the favour of Yan Xi comes forward a help, the place sub- subtle fragrance of immediately a mentally refreshing rushes toward noodles since then, Mu strange one infatuating with of face, the Yan Xi seeing is very anxious to strange slap is to the Mu.Hate whitely Mu strange one eye, the way of Yan Xi:"The wound is why so heavy, don,t rest and recuperate well, and then sit"The Mu strange Hey Hey says with smile:"You make me lie here so long, lie down again, I feel that I can,t move quickly"Eyes a red, the way of Yan Xi:"You also say that who let you so try very hard to of, if isn,t …… if isn,t big your life words ……"The Mu is strange to see form favour of way:"I once said several times, that the circumstance don,t try very hard to not to go, you see, I this isn,t the big blessing life big, again rest and recuperate for a while, affirm to

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